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DeLorean_varNaM Theme vs:0-06-06-12 by killhellokitty DeLorean_varNaM Theme vs:0-06-06-12 by killhellokitty
DeLorean_varNaM Beta
This theme is no longer under develpment
Mixed Metals and Colours Theme

This theme is for Gnome 3.4 it will not look as intended on previous versions of Gnome!

This theme requires that you run the included script. This theme will look like your computer puked windows'98 if you do not run the script. The is no longer required! Finally the Gtk's background image is tiled as well as Metacity and Unity. This is a major impovement and change. The theme is more responsive, faster, and most importantly it doesn't eat up huge amounts of RAM.

GTK3 gtk-engine-unico-1.0.1 or newer Stable
GTK2 gtk-engine-equinox 1.50 or newer
GTK2 gtk-engine-murrine or newer
GTK2 pixbuf-engine or the gtk(2)-engines package
GTK3 gtk3-3.4 or newer installed

Theme Includes:
  • Gtk2 & Gtk3 Themes

  • Metacity 1, 2, & 3 Themes (Mutter)

  • Gnome-Shell & MGSE Theme Soon

  • Cinnamon Theme Soon

  • GDM Theme Soon

  • Unity Theme (Ubuntu)

  • Xfwm4 Theme Soon

  • Emerald Themes

  • Chromium Browser Theme

  • * Mozilla Themes *
  • Thunderbird 12 and 13 varNaM_Theme-1-05-30-12Theme Link

  • Firefox 12 and 13 varNaM_Theme-0-05-30-12 [BETA] Theme Link

  • **********************

  • * I strongly recommend removing the old DeLorean_varNaM folder from your system before installing an updated version.
    **After selecting this theme you should log out and back in for it to render properly.

    This theme is still under heavy construction. It is however usable. The unselected window definitions in Gtk3 have not been properly themed yet, so un focused windows still look a bit wonky. The dark theme code for apps like Totem is not ready yet, so i removed it entirely from the package untill I have it working better. The metalic background will be replaced, hopefully very soon with a small metalic tilable image.
    The final theme will most closely resemble the Thunderbird Theme (which is almost entirely finished). Keep in mind when choosing this theme, that it is Beta.
    I hope you like it.

    UBUNTU 12.04 LTS(presicePangolin) Specific:
    Os(Overlay Scrollbars) break the theme! I would suggest dissabling the Overlay-scrollbars and use traditional scrollbars with this theme. Gtk3 works and looks as it is supposed to untill an Overlay-scrollbar is needed. (I do not know if this can be fixed by disabling Overlay-scrollbars in Ubuntu. The problem may be coded in Ubuntus Gtk3. Can someone confirm?) It causes the Primary-Toolbar in Nautilus to loose its background image(metalic image). Similarly it causes the background image behind tabs to become black. Overlay-scrollbars are the culprit. (Thank you Ubuntu).
    Firefox & Thunderbird distorted Scrollbar-Thumbs and "line boxes (scribbles)" drawn over Tabs! I have not discovered the reason for these distortions in Ubuntu. But, I have found them to exist only in Ubuntu. (Thanks yet again Ubuntu!)
    ***none of the above mentioned issues have been found in any distrobutions other than Ubuntu. Although other Ubuntu-based distrobutions may also be affected.

    I am taking the DeLorean serier further with this 'varNaM'. The Thunderbird Theme is the most complete portion of this theme to date. Everything else will look like Thunderbird.
    Sidenote: Gtk2 I haven't themed the Buttons or TreeHeaders.
    I am working on a tileable metalic background image so that i may do away with the script in the near future.
    I will also post a version of DL_varNaM without the metalic background in the near future.

    I must acknowledge and thank S. Mike Smith for all his help in making all parts of this theme possible. He has provided valuable insights, help, and alot of debugging. Not to mention the excellent app he created to 'Mix and Shade' color variables. Thank You Mike!
    I would also like to note that he pointed out the importance of monitor color profiling. I hadn't realized the importance of having the correct gamma on my monitor. The difference it has made with the appearance of everything on my monitor is amazing.

    The first upload of the DL_varNaM [BETA] Theme.
    I was in such a hurry to upload everything before the storm swept through here last night that I uploaded the Gtk theme with broken scripts. I appologise. I have removed the broken scripts and added the unfocused background in Gtk3.
    Just uploaded the Firefox theme to Mozilla. Firefox is not as polished as the Thunderbird theme, and will be under continuel development.
    0-05-30-12-Firefox_varNaM & 1-05-30-12-Thunderbird_varNaM
    New Uploads of both Firefox and Thunderbird. Addon-Page Header-Buttons have been fixed. Text in Preference Window has been fixed.
    0-05-30-12 FIXED the DeLorean_varNaM Theme! I uploaded the earlier versions without making sure the background images(metalic images) were being placed in the correct folders during the running of the script.
    I apologize for missing that very important detail.
    I just updated my Ubuntu partition to 'Precise' and installed DeLorean_varNaM from version 0-05-30-12 and for the most part everything looks right.
    Ubuntu isn't drawing the background image exactly as it should, although it is now drawing a background image. I will continue to debug the Gtk3 in Ubuntu over the next few days.
    In the mean time Unity is now working(metal unity bar), but still requires some work, and the Gtk3 portion of the theme is working (just not up to par).
    Unity-Panel, It has been changed in this version to match the top of Metacity. Fullscreen windows blend into Unity.
    Unity-menu and Unity-menuitems are now themed to match Gtk3. All the text on Unity-Panel has been themed to match Metacity and Gtk3.
    I have added a quick fix for the UbuntuSoftwareCenter, now items are legable within the software-center. Although the white textshadow on white-text persists.
    Read above for Ubuntu specific issues and fixes.
    Fixed renaming of text in Nautilus. You can actually see the text that you are renaming now. Made many changes to Entry widgets includeing background colors, text color, focused color, border-images.
    Tiled Images! The script is no longer used! Both Gtk2 & Gtk3, plus Metacity and Unity all use the included tiled images to create the metalic bacground. The difference in performance is fenominal. The tile image still requires some polishing and tweeking.
    Metacity is using the tiled image as well and has gone through many changes. I still need to rework metacitys buttons. And some of the titlebar text is difficult to read when small text is used, like on popup windows.
    Unity is using a tiled image and blends into the gtk theme when fullscreened.
    The tiles and metacity require further tweeking.
    The size of the package itself has gone from 4+mg to less than 800kb.
    Gtk2 reworked to match Gtk3, and Firefox/Thunderbird themes.
    Its coming along ...
    Gtk2 Finished the pixmaps for the Notebook and Tabs. Changed the Buttons and Progressbar to use the Murrine-Engine.
    Chromium Browser Theme added. It has one glitch, and that is that the dropdown URL-bar richlist uses the metalic image background and green text. Chromium, as i understand it, uses an algorithm to read Gtk2's theme and use its color. Unfortunatly I haven't found any way to change this. If anyone knows of a fix, please let me know.
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vanlong441 Featured By Owner May 31, 2012
Problems. See screenshots:

Fresh opened Libre Writer


After hovering mouse over the icons

killhellokitty Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Libre Writer is working better with newest version of DeLorean_varNaM. The hovering mouse over problem seems to be fixed now. The Combo-Entry's on the Toolbar have an extra box around them.
killhellokitty Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Thank you for posting the screen shots. That helped me to compare with what I have.
I do not have the same problem, I have the toolbars running all the way accross the top from left to right. My first question would be did you install 'Equinox-Engine 1.50'? Then next question is what version on LibreOffice are you using?
I am using LibreOffice
My first choise with LibreOffice would be to remove the 'LibreOffice Gnome(gtk)compatability package'. That way LibreOffice will use its own default (vcl) theme. Its a off-white theme.
I am not able to take on the task of theming LibreOffice from scratch at this time, but hopefully sometime in the near future.
alisafavieh Featured By Owner May 29, 2012
well done ! it's a cool theme that I enjoy using it.
but with some bugs :
1- unity top panel ( I think it hasn't unity.css )
2- chromium has problem with it and crash.
killhellokitty Featured By Owner May 29, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
I haven't had a chance to test it in Ubuntu yet, but I will in the next few days, I believe you are correct....LOL I forgot to add the unity.css I will get this fixed tomorrow the 30th. Thanks for pointing that out.
As for Chromium, nothing in the theme should be affecting it. I will double check though.
alisafavieh Featured By Owner May 29, 2012
as a suggestion :
use metacity bar for top panel of unity. I think it will look great.
if you create a .crx theme for chromium it will be perfect.
and another bug :
this theme uses ram more than another themes. about 200 - 300 MB.
ubuntu 12.04
with latest engines version.
thanks again for your beautiful theme.
killhellokitty Featured By Owner May 29, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
I would be happy to make the unity panel look like metacity.
I am still finishing the Firefox-theme.
I choose to theme Firefox and Thunderbird since i could do it from scratch with CSS3.
This theme does use more ram than other themes, its because of the background(metal) image. I am working on a small tilable metal image to replace the full screen large one. Hopefully I will have that done within the next couple of weeks. It will drasticly reduce the ram consumption of the theme, as well as speed it up considerably.
Thank You again.
killhellokitty Featured By Owner May 30, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Unity is working now. I gave it the metal background. I will clean it up more in the next few days. I am planning on spending the next few days Debuggin Gtk3 in Ubuntu Precise.
I am sorry that the previous uploads did not have a background image for Gtk3 focused windows. That has been remedied.
killhellokitty Featured By Owner May 31, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Unity panel matches Metacity now. Fullscreed windows are seemless with Unity.
alisafavieh Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2012
perfect ! it is a great job .
but unfortunatly has a bug yet.
problem with chromium. whene I run it after some minutes 'xorg' uses unusuall RAM about 2 to 3 GB !
killhellokitty Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
I am glad the Unity-panel worked out for you.
Chromium, I do not know when I will be able to work on its individual theming. I believe the RAM problem will be solved once I change the fillscreen background(metal) image to a small tilable image. I am working on this problem now. I hope to have it working in the next week or so.
ilnanny Featured By Owner May 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ops ,sorry ,only 3.4 :D
I had not read the changelog :)
Thanks for sharing!!
you thought of doing the theme for Chromium?
would be very nice.
ilnanny Featured By Owner May 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Tested in arch,and work fine.
in Fedora 16 (verne) not work.
killhellokitty Featured By Owner May 29, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Hey my friend, How have you been?
Yes, it is for 3.4
They imporved the Gtk3 quite a bit for 3.4 its now very close to full CSS. Which makes theming, at least for me, much easier and cleaner. I used Adwaita Engine as the base with Gt3 and just used Unico Engine in a couple of places for its ability to draw multiple border lines. I changed the Gtk2 from using Murrine-Engine to the Equinox-Engine. I have to say the Equinox-Engine is much cleaner and for me easier to work with.
In Arch Linux the theme works. All the imporovements to Gtk3 in Gnome 3.4 simply dont work in Gnome 3.2. I will look into themeing Chromium and Opera after I get Firefox and all the Gtk coding under control. Im wearing pretty thin right now.
Btw I did download your 'Stell Bosses Icons' and I have to say, they are Beautiful! Excellent work!
ilnanny Featured By Owner May 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ok, installed in Fedora 17 (3.4) and everything works perfectly, is very clean and elegant for my desktop.
Thank you again.:D
thanks for the compliments of those icons, but there are many imperfections.
once I get rid of the time, I'll start work on a new set of icons.
killhellokitty Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Fedora is working well with the theme? No problems like those described above for Ubuntu and its OverlayScrollbars? I just want to make sure its not affecting other distro also.
The icon set, is still very nice.
ilnanny Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
on Fedora 17 is work fine!
on Archlinux is work fine!
killhellokitty Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Thank you!!
Good, than the problems seem to be 'Ubuntu-sentric'.
ilnanny Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ubuntu????is linux distro???? hehheheheheeh:rofl:
killhellokitty Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
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