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October 21, 2013
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DeLoreanDark3.10_8.05232014 by killhellokitty DeLoreanDark3.10_8.05232014 by killhellokitty
This version has been built on top of the 3.8 version the Adwaita Theme.

Wallpaper is¬ Linescape¬ by Tectix.
Icons are 'F-Dark¬ Faenza'.

DeLorean-Dark-3.10 is designed to be sleek and less complicated than the previous 3.8-version; with its high polish and dramatic contrasts.¬  3.10's backdrop state resembles a pencil sketch, while its normal state sports multi-toned metallic surfaces.

  • Gtk2 & Gtk3 Themes
  • Metacity/Mutter/Unity Themes
  • Xfwm4 Theme
  • Xfce-Notify Theme
  • Ubuntu Software Center Theme

  • gtk-3.10.* (3.8 compatible, see bellow ***)
  • gtk-2.24.17(or newer)
  • gtk-engine-unico - latest available version
  • pixbuf-engine or the gtk(2)-engines package
  • gtk-engine-murrine-0.98.2(or newer)

  • Download the Delorean-Dark Theme package from the top of this page.
    Unzip the archive, and copy the delorean-3.10 folder to '/usr/share/themes/' for system-wide installation, or to '~/.themes' for individual use installation****.
  • Arch Linux & Manjaro
    Install from Arch Linux AUR
    If using yaourt, type in terminal: yaourt -S delorean-dark-3.10
  • Ubuntu I am no longer maintaining the killhellokitty PPA. ¬ Instead check-out¬ ¬ 
    Trusty Tahr 14.04 the bugs have been squashed.  The Window-Manger Theme is now working. has a great many issues when using this theme. ¬ 
    Including the window manager theme doesn't work. ¬ I do not know if or when this bug will be addressed. ¬ 
    Do not submit bug reports at this time. ¬ Thank You
Unpack the DeLorean-Dark theme package and locate the Firefox and Thunderbird files. You will find a 'chrome' folder inside of each. ¬ Next go to '~/.mozilla/firefox/xSomeNumbers.default' and for Thunderbird go to '~/.thunderbird/xSomeNumbers.default'.
  • If there is no 'chrome' folder, just copy and paste the appropriate one form inside the DeLorean theme package.
  • If there is a 'chrome' folder, merge its contents with the appropriate 'chrome' folder from within the DeLorean theme package.
  • Restart Firefox or Thunderbird to apply the theme.
User Profile ¬ You may also desire to create a new User-Profile for the DeLorean Themes since they hard-code the look of both applications. ¬ To do this simply open either app with a trailing '-p', for example: firefix -p
a small gui will appear. ¬ Choose create profile and follow the instructions. ¬ If you would like this gui to appear at every start-up(recommended) so you can choose your profile un-tick 'Don't ask at startup', or you can always start the app with the '-p' to change profiles again.

The selected color for both Gtk2 & Gtk3 themes are now made to be easily changed!
Here is what you will need to do...
  • Gtk2 go to /usr/share/themes/delorean-dark-3.10/gtk-2.0 and open the gtkrc file in your favorite text editor.
  • Go to line #5 (gtk-color-scheme = "bg_color:#2c2c2c\nselected_bg_color:#016295") and replace '#016295' with the hex color of your choosing.
  • Save and close.
  • Gtk3 go to /usr/share/themes/delorean-dark-3.10/gtk-3.0 and open the gtk-main.css file in your favorite text editor.
  • Go to line # 4 (@define-color theme_selected_bg_color #016295) and replace '#016295' with the color of your choosing.
  • Save and close.
Thats it! Enjoy!!!
3-10-2014 ¬ a lot of work on the backdrop state. ¬ 
3-13-2014¬  many, many fixes and changes.¬  Nemo-File-Browser is now themed.¬  Only a couple items left to address for Gtk3, then move on to Gtk2.
3-16-2014 ¬ First BETA release!¬  Fixes, Fixes, Fixes! Unity is now themed. Gtk3 is finished for now.¬  Gtk2 will be in next update.
3-20-2014¬  Theming of Gtk2 has been completed. whew!¬  There have been a few fixes for Gtk3 as well.¬  The Panel for xfce/lxde still requires attention and Metacity and Mutter.¬ 
3-21-2014 ¬ Mutter is themed and finished for Gnome-Shell. ¬ Fixed the 'info' colors in gtk3. ¬ Still have Metacity2 for Ubuntu and the Panel to theme.
3-26-2014 ¬ Metacity(2) is themed. ¬ Xfwm4 is themed, I reworked the 3.6-version. ¬ Ubuntu-Software-Center is themed. ¬ Xfce-Notify is themed. ¬ Reworked the themes colors. Nautilus Tabs have had a lot of polishing as well as Nautilus-Search.
3-31-2014 ¬ Nautilus Toolbar, lots and lots of changes! ¬ I added more colors into the mix, not sure about how I like it yet. ¬ Feedback would be great! ¬ 
The design removes some of the push-button images and leaves just the Icons instead. ¬ I think this makes nautilus easier to work with and cleaner in appearance. ¬ I am not a fan of the wall of multi-purpose push-buttons stretching the length of the window. I mixed things up. ¬ Hope its well recieved.
4-05-2014 ¬ Inputs/Entrys are newly designed to have better compatibility with 3rd-party apps. ¬ Epiphany is redesigned in similar fashion as Nautilus. ¬ I have added a Focused state to the Tabs in Epiphany. ¬ Gnome-Terminal the active tab is now the same color as the terminal-work-area. ¬ Also a hand-full of minor fixes throughout.
4-15-2014 ¬ First Stable Release. ¬ Fixed bug with unreadable text when renaming a file within Nautilus or Nemo. ¬ Most notable changes are the addition of both a Firefox and Thunderbird themes.
5-23-2014  Unity window manager theme is fixed, and Ubuntu centric fixes have been applied.

***There is a bug when choosing Nautilus(Files) to manage the desktop(show icons).…
I believe I have made a workaround for this bug.¬  At least in Gnome-Shell it works.¬  Unfortunately the fix only works with 3.10, not for 3.8.

****Metacity/Mutter may not work properly when installed to '~/.themes'.

Please submit bug reports. ¬ Thank You.

Give DeLorean a test drive; you deserve it!
Your feedback is always welcome.

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vgbernal Featured By Owner May 25, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Amazing work!, it's fancying my fedora 20 Desktop, thank you a lot, now im reelly motivated on tunning my lap on just for seeing this piece of art XD :)
killhellokitty Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
You made my day!!!
Cheers! :-)
Piecer-Maker Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  New member
Any chance of adding a gnome-shell theme at any point? I really liked the green 3.6 Delorean theme, but unfortunately it doesn't work perfectly with gnome 3.12! 
killhellokitty Featured By Owner May 22, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
A Gnome-Shell theme is possible, time willing.  At least you can change this theme's color to green, if you choose. 
Every DeLorean theme Gnome bumb is different.   I like to keep it fluid.
bearcatsandor Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
Thank you so much for the instructions on how to easily configure the colors! This made my day! 

This theme looks better and better with every iteration!
killhellokitty Featured By Owner May 14, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
You are quite welcome!  I am glad to hear the instructions are both easy and affective to follow.
Thanks again, glad you like it!
Hidden by Owner
romildo Featured By Owner May 9, 2014
Could you please explain how the distribution file is versioned? I want to package it for my linux distribution and the version looks odd to me. What does each component in the version mean?
killhellokitty Featured By Owner May 9, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
This is built for Gnome3.10 and equivalent Unity, Cinnamon, etc.  It is mostly backward compatible with Gnome3.8.  Then number after them 3.10 is in this case a 7 which stands for the number of builds since it left Beta. and the last set of numbers is the actual date of publishing for this particular build(7).
As far as extras included within the theme, Noobslab for Ubuntu removes them from their package.

The requirements are the least necessary.  And listed as individual packages even if some distributions choose bundle them.
I hope this answers your questions.  Please feel free to contact me if you require anything further.
Out of curiosity, what distribution are you looking to package for?
fridolin2 Featured By Owner May 5, 2014
I am now at Fedora 20 with gnome-shell 3.10.4, Firefox 29 and Thunderbird 24.5. Theme version is DeLorean-Dark-3.10_7.04162014.

I haven encountered some "visual unpleasantness" in the new Firefox and Thunderbird themes, though. The themes were installed as per your instructions, yet I still use my previous profiles.

1. Firefox:
I use several add-ons with icons like the ebay sidebar. After installing your Firefox theme, the icons from the extensions are no longer displayed in the toolbar. The empty space is still visible (and click-able) in the toolbar, but the icon is just a grey-ish square.
(Just for the record, after removing the new css files from DeLorean theme, they are back.)

2. Thunderbird:
a) The toolbar icons consume - in my opinion - more vertical screen space than they should. Is it possible to move the small option list triangle (like with the Get Mail icon) back to the right side of the core icon? I have more than enough horizontal toolbar space available in my toolbar.
b) In the message list pane for a given mail folder, I use tag colours. Before, when tagging a message with a tag associated with - say - red colour, the message list would show the message subject date etc. in the font colour of the selected tag. Now, this font colouring dosn't work anymore. Is there a way to get this function back?
(And again for the records, removing the css files restored the previous apperance.)
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