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October 8, 2010
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Kmint-1.0 plymouth theme by killhellokitty Kmint-1.0 plymouth theme by killhellokitty
This is my 3rd attempt at a plymouth theme. I hope you enjoy it!
To install: Download the ZIP file. Extract the folder
Kmint-1.0. In terminal cd to the folder you extracted the Kmint-1.0 folder into.
TYPE IN TERMINAL (without the ""):

"sudo cp -R Kmint-1.0/ /lib/plymouth/themes/"
"sudo update-alternatives --install /lib/plymouth/themes/default.plymouth default.plymouth /lib/plymouth/themes/Kmint-1.0/Kmint.plymouth 100"
"sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth" #here, choose the number of the theme you want to use then hit enter
"sudo update-initramfs -u"

*You can change the gear image to any of the 3 provided. Simply change the name of the gear you would like to "animation.png" without the quotes. Or you could chose to create you own.

**You can change the background color by replacing "(0.14, 0.0, 0.56)" without the quotes on lines 44 and 45 with any hex color code you wish. Or comment out "#" lines 44 and 45(place the "#" without the quotes at the beginning of each line). This will give you a black background.

***You can also place a background/wallpaper by simply copying the background of your choosing into the Kmint-1.0 folder and renaming it "background.png" without the quotes. The script defaults to a background.png when one is located in this folder. THE IMAGE MUST BE IN PNG FORMAT! Use Gimp to convert jpeg, etc.

****Lastly to enable the PROGRESS BAR animation as well, uncomment line 233 by removing the "#" without the quotes at the beginning of that line.
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