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June 30, 2012
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varNaM-Gtk Theme 1.48 by killhellokitty varNaM-Gtk Theme 1.48 by killhellokitty
Colored Kevlar Theme

  • Gtk2 theme

  • Gtk3 theme

  • Metacity 2 & 3 themes


  • Gnome 3.4

  • Gtk3-3.4*

  • gkt-engine-equinox-1.50

  • gtk-engine-murrine- newer)

  • pixbuf-engine or the gtk(2)-engines package

  • gnome-themes-standard-3.4.*(provides the 'adwaita' theme)

  • gtk-engine-unico-1.0.2

I am currently working on finishing this theme. Parts of it are still a little rough. The dark-theme(totem, EOG, imagviewer) hasn't been completed yet, but is included.

    Please Note: Only the version(varnam-gtk-ubuntu) in my PPA will work on UBUNTU 12.04 LTS(presicePangolin)!
  • Ubuntu users please download here: my PPA
  • Or install by adding my PPA:
    • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:killhellokitty/themes.ppa
      sudo apt-get update
      sudo apt-get install varnam-gtk-ubuntu

  • Arch Linux users please install from AUR: Theme Link to AUR

  • Linux-Mint 13 (Maya),
  • Debian (Wheezy),
  • ... and all other distrobutions should download the version (varnam-gtk) from this page.

*A separate Ubuntu version is necessary because Ubuntu uses a patched Gtk3, Overlay-Scrollbars, and uses Metacity-2-theme(in Unity). These differences contribute to rendering issues when using a 'background-image' instead of a 'background-color' for the themes base(widget-background). Conversely, to fix these issues for Ubuntu causes rendering issues for other distributions not using the above mentioned. Therefore I chose to take the path of least resistance and package Ubuntu's own version patched to fix its rendering issues. If you are using 'Overlay-Scrollbars' in a distro other than Ubuntu you may also encounter rendering issues with this theme.

varNaM-Gtk Tested On:
  • Arch Linux:
    Gnome3.4 with Gnome-Shell
  • Linux Mint LMDE:
    Gnome3.4 with Cinnamon
    Gnome3.4 with Gnome-Shell
  • OpenSuse 12.2 Factory:
    Gnome3.4 with Gnome-Shell

varNaM-Gtk-Ubuntu Tested On:
  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS(presicePangolin):
    Gnome3.4 with Unity

07-04-12- Dark theme is finished.
07-10-12- Many Changes ie: radio/check, scale-button...
07-21-12- Most changes only will affect Ubuntu users: changed placement of 'ubuntu-specific.css' for better image rendering. Added .toolbar background as a fix. And themed the OverlayScrollbars.

***I need your feedback to help me fix bugs, issues, and problems with this theme***

Should you chose to download and/or use varNaM-Gtk, please take a moment to provide feedback. Be it positive or negative, just as long as it is constructive.
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your gtk themes are amazing. keep up the good work! :D
killhellokitty Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Thanks a lot!
Will do. Cheers!
any chance of an openbox theme?
killhellokitty Oct 13, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
I would like to say yes, but at this time i don't have the extra time to work on this theme. I'll see if i can find the time soon.
was just wondering if you could track down the original theme files that may be missing from the current download.... the script looks and or feels like its correct, but the needed files are just missing from the other from brushed and mono..... if you find the original working version laying around shoot me an email

any chance of an openbox theme?
FallenUnia Sep 24, 2012
Thanks for your reply again, hellokitten. I'll give the FF theme a try too :-)
I have a intel i7 CPU, running arch linux 64bit with a gnome desktop (using mutter). GPU is a nvidia gts-450 which is slightly overclocked and its driven by nvidia driver.
If varNaM uses the same codebase this seems like a really odd issue, because adwaita runs just perfect.
killhellokitty Jul 26, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Your processor and graphics card shouldn't flinch with this type of theme. Older machines with little memory on the other hand, will have a problem. Adwaita is the templet that was used for varNaM. VarNaM was built on ArchLinux x64 tested in Gnome, xfce, lxde, and openbox. As well i have it running on Fedora17, OpenSuseFactory12.2, LinuxMint13, and Ubuntu12.04 tested with proprietary and opensource drivers. I did find that the murrine dependancy in the packagebuild was undefined. So I just fixed that. Other than that, I don't know what to tell you; other than I'm sorry it hasn't worked for you. If the murrine dependancy fixes your problem please let me know. Other-wise should you find the answer to this problem please share it with me. Thanks
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